Iacenter for business

IAC has conducted variety of executive works, categorizing to two main sections defined below:

Section A:      Build and Design projects:

•           To carry out a design project from preliminary stages (feasibility studies & conceptual design) to the final stages (obtaining planning permission, building regulation and other necessary documents)

•           To be involved in joint venture construction projects with foreign partners (as the acting agent in Iran) within many disciplines and different fields such as:

-           Architectural/Urban design projects

-           Structural/Mechanical/Electrical projects

-           Civil engineering projects

-           Exhibition installation for international fairs held in Iran (including its construction) and other suggested similar projects.


Section B:        Branding & Marketing in Iran:

Given the IAC's professional team of experts in all arenas of the building industry and the reputation of the IAC, it has great potentials to collaborate with foreign companies in Iran in the following issues:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

•           To provide the necessary information for foreign companies, intending to invest in Iran

•           To hold seminars and conferences in Iran in order to introduce and advertise new products of    the foreign companies

•           To provide necessary advices on legal issues by experts including:

-           The work and residence permit and also the employment rules and regulations

-           To provide information about the duties, tax, and insurance on foreign goods

-           To give legal rights and contractual matters related to business activities in Iran


IAC has conducted these activities through the Atin company. Atin is primarily an architectural/ urban planning consultancy which was established in 2010 within the IAC legal frame work to carry a wide range of projects and tasks related to the construction industry in Iran.

About the Atin's Team:

The team, running the company are all well- qualified and experienced architects, planners, Structural/Mechanical/Electrical engineers who have been carrying out a wide range of construction projects in Iran for the past twenty five years. Furthermore, the office is all prepared to take a wide range of challenging projects in Iran.